Know the 9 Most Common Washing Machine Problems

Washing Machine Problems

Outline: Leaking Washer  The Washer Dispenser is Still Full of Detergent Odd Sound When Draining or Not Draining at All  Not Turning On Washer Door Jammed Smelly Washing Machine Bounces Around Noisy  The Washing Machine Won’t Spin To Sum It Up Summary: Washing machines are durable home appliances, but like all pieces of technology, they […]

Why is My Washing Machine Shaking Violently and How to Fix It?

Summary: When washing your clothes, nothing is worse than hearing a persistent smashing and crashing from your appliance as it tries to spin. Even the most expensive washing machine can experience this issue. It can happen for many reasons and depending on the severity, it can range from minor shaking up to banging as your […]