The 7 Possible Causes Reasons Behind a Refrigerator Leaking Water

Refrigerator Leaking Water

Outline Leaking Water Filter  Blocked Defrost Drain  Cracked Refrigerator Drain Pan Improper Tilting  Loose Ice Maker Connections  Frozen Water Supply Line Pipeline Failure Door Seal Failure Call On Point Service Company Fix Your Leaky Refrigerator in Waco, TX Summary: Are you wondering why your refrigerator is leaking? It is a common yet annoying issue, as it […]

Tips and Tricks to Choosing an Energy-Efficient AC for Your Home

Energy-Efficient AC for Your Home

Outline: Summary: The heat can be unbearable during the scorching months. As such, a properly working air conditioning unit is a must in your home. However, it should also be energy-efficient to help you save on your monthly electric bills. To get started, we’ve rounded up below some tips and tricks to help you pick […]

Know the 9 Most Common Washing Machine Problems

Washing Machine Problems

Outline: Leaking Washer  The Washer Dispenser is Still Full of Detergent Odd Sound When Draining or Not Draining at All  Not Turning On Washer Door Jammed Smelly Washing Machine Bounces Around Noisy  The Washing Machine Won’t Spin To Sum It Up Summary: Washing machines are durable home appliances, but like all pieces of technology, they […]

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Dishonest Appliance Repair Technicians from Making You Pay More

Appliance Repair Technicians

Outline: Make the Most Out of Your Home Warranty Card Find Out the Cause  Look for Recalls Try a Do-It-Yourself Repair Negotiate the Price Pay Attention to Minor Fault Signs  Set Aside a Plan and Budget for Emergency Appliance Repairs Look for Affordable Appliance Repair Service Near You Know When to Contact a Professional Summary: Functional […]

Dishwasher is Not Draining: Here are the 9 Reasons Why


Outline: Dirty Filter Clogs or Kinks in the Drain Hose Damaged or Broken Down Drain Pump Trap and Dirty Filter Liquid Detergent Garbage Disposal Blockage Blocked Air Gap Frozen Valve Power Source Failure  Contact Us Today! Summary:  it’s frustrating to wake up one day only to find out your dishwasher is malfunctioning. Seeing a pond of […]

7 Culprits Behind a Smoking Oven and How to Fix Them

Smoking Oven

Outline Summary: A smoking oven does not only smell bad but also makes the food taste bad. In most instances, this does not mean you have to contact an appliance repair company right away. However, if it happens often, this is when professional intervention is required. You have to figure out the main culprit and fix […]

Why is My Washing Machine Shaking Violently and How to Fix It?

Summary: When washing your clothes, nothing is worse than hearing a persistent smashing and crashing from your appliance as it tries to spin. Even the most expensive washing machine can experience this issue. It can happen for many reasons and depending on the severity, it can range from minor shaking up to banging as your […]