When Should You Replace a Furnace? 5 Major Warning Signs to Consider

An old, worn-out furnace can pose a bigger threat than you can imagine. Here's how to know when it's time to replace a furnace in your home.
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Did you know that the average life expectancy of the average HVAC system is 20 years?

And while this may seem like a long time, it encourages homeowners to examine if their heating and air conditioning unit is working optimally.

Even if you’re a new homeowner, knowing what to look for in an aging system is going to be beneficial.

Because this can be a crucial part of the appraisal process, you want to make sure you know exactly what you should be examining.

An old, worn-out furnace can pose a bigger threat than you can imagine. Here’s how to know when it’s time to replace a furnace in your home.

1. Increase in Bills

One of the sure-tell signs that it’s time to replace your furnace is if you notice a constant increase in bills. If you find yourself constantly contact your current HVAC company with never-ending repairs, it may be time to replace your system.

In addition, a well-working furnace shouldn’t cause your energy bill to increase. If your HVAC system is overexerting itself in order to keep your home warm, it may be time for a new system.

2. Your Rooms are Different Temperatures

One of the most common signs that you need to replace a furnace is if the rooms in your homes are different temperatures.

Does one of the rooms in your home feel like an icebox while the others are about the same temperature? Typically, older furnaces are unable to distribute air evenly throughout a home and may need to be replaced.

3. Noisy Furnace

Dealing with a noisy furnace? There may be parts of your heating and air conditioning system that are loose and require attention.

Whether you’re dealing with rattling, humming, popping, screeching, or all of the above, it may be time to replace a furnace.

4. The Furnace is Over 20 Years Old

As a general rule of thumb, you may want to start shopping for a new furnace at the 15-year mark. While furnaces are known for lasting between 20-30 years, you’re going to want to know how much you will need to save in the next couple of years.

5. Rust/Cracks

Lastly, if you notice any rusts or cracks in your heating and air conditioning system, it is time for a replacement. Because these are vital signs of an aging system, you are going to want to replace your system immediately.

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Whether you’re looking to replace your furniture or are in need of a major HVAC repair, we’re here to help. With the winter months quickly approaching, one thing is for certain: there is no better time to check on your heating and air conditioning system.

And with over 20 years of experience, we’re certain that we can provide you with the quality service you need just before the cold months.

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