Tips and Tricks to Choosing an Energy-Efficient AC for Your Home

Energy-Efficient AC for Your Home



The heat can be unbearable during the scorching months. As such, a properly working air conditioning unit is a must in your home. However, it should also be energy-efficient to help you save on your monthly electric bills. To get started, we’ve rounded up below some tips and tricks to help you pick an energy-efficient AC that ticks all the right boxes. 

The Size of Your Space

Size must always be the number one consideration when choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner. For instance, a huge unit can do more harm than good because it can leave your space cold yet clammy and damp. On the contrary, a smaller-than-ideal AC can have a difficult time filling the room with comfortable and cool air.

The size of the air conditioner matters when it comes to cooling. That’s because having an appliance that is too small means your unit will work more to maintain the temperature. Meanwhile, an oversized unit is susceptible to short cycling issues, a pattern wherein the air conditioner often turns on and off without completing a full cooling cycle. This results in the compressor’s wear and tear. You can avoid these issues by having correct calculations of the room dimensions and the energy used by your air conditioner.

Temperature Settings

Almost every new AC model today is equipped with programmable temperature settings. An accurate temperature control panel can simplify your life by allowing your appliance to cool the space intuitively and manually based on your desired temperature settings. So, don’t settle for an older model, as nothing beats convenience. The downside, though, is that you need to shell out more bucks. So, be sure to prepare a budget for it.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Today, many smart air conditioners come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and other smart home integration features like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Once linked to the internet, these air conditioner units can be adjusted through a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat on your smartphone. This state-of-the-art feature can be a good way to customize your AC’s energy-efficient features to your liking.

Inverter vs Non-Inverter

Are you torn between an inverter and a non-inverter unit? We recommend you pick the latter, as it’s more efficient. The compressor rotation of the inverter can vary according to the load’s needs; hence energy savings are guaranteed. Meanwhile, the non-inverter compressor can just switch on or off. It is not able to vary its speed in accordance with the load; hence, leading to more energy consumption. So, the inverter unit is your best bet.

AC manufacturers have developed a reluctance DC motor featuring high-strength neodymium magnets embedded in the spinning shafts of the compressor motors. These magnets are ten times more powerful than usual ferrite magnets; thus, giving more superior torque for the compressors. 

Energy-Efficient AC for Your Home


When buying a new air conditioner unit for your home, it’s also critical to pay attention to its efficiency. Every AC will have different values, and these can also vary from one manufacturer to another. 

COP is the fraction of the cooling capacity versus the power unit (W vs. W). The higher the value, the more effective it is, as it can give more cooling for similar power inputs. Here’s the cooling capacity conversion: 1W=3.4121 Btu/h. Pick a unit with a higher COP ratio. 

On the other hand, ERR is the fraction of the cooling capacity versus the power input (Btu/h vs. W). As with COP, pick a unit with a higher EER ratio, and the AC will use less power for the same capacity. 

SEER is the fraction of the total cooling the unit can give over the whole season vs. the total energy consumed. This value is more precise because it takes into consideration the shutdown and start-up cycles of the AC unit. Again, pick a higher value for energy-effective AC units. 

Energy Star Rating

Every country has its own energy ratings per AC model. We recommend you pick an air conditioner with the highest rating because this means the unit is more effective than its counterparts with a lower star rating. Pay attention to the blue ENERGY STAR® certification. An AC unit with this mark of approval implies that it has met or even surpassed higher efficiency standards than other models.

Infra-Red Sensor

Many manufacturers have a built-in infrared sensor that can spot the presence or absence of the tenants or dwellers in the room. If it doesn’t detect any movement for a specific time, it will automatically adjust the set temperature higher to lessen the temp in the room. This translates to a significant reduction in your electric bills.

Programmable Settings

Also, the AC unit must come with display settings that allow you to manage the temperature. This way, you can set the air conditioner to adjust to different temperatures for a consistent level of comfort. To enable this feature, pick a time when the AC units will automatically switch on and off.

Get Assistance from an Expert Appliance Repair Company

These are just some of the vital factors to keep in mind when shopping for an energy-efficient AC unit for your home. Of course, you also need to include your budget and desired brand on the list before making the final decision. Once you zero in on the perfect unit, the next step is hiring a professional appliance repair company to install it. 

If you live in Waco, TX, and need air conditioner repair services, contact On Point Service Company. Our skilled and certified technicians will ensure that your air conditioner is in good hands. Whether you’re facing problems such as AC not cooling or AC not blowing cold air, you can count on our expertise. So, what else are you waiting for? Make your home summer-ready and beat the heat with a properly working AC unit. Call us today or fill out the form to request a service!


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