Know the 9 Most Common Washing Machine Problems

Washing Machine Problems


Summary: Washing machines are durable home appliances, but like all pieces of technology, they are also prone to damage. Thankfully, with this guide, you will learn how to spot any problems before they turn into something serious. So, without further ado, let’s look into some of the most common washing machine problems and how to address them. 

Leaking Washer 

If your washing machine leaks, it doesn’t mean you need a major repair. A leaking washer could be due to clogged drains or a worn-out hose. It could also be that it’s loaded incorrectly or imbalanced. 

You can fix this issue by ensuring the washer is appropriately balanced, and the washer basket is in the right place. It is also advisable to check the hoses and keep them securely connected and tightened. Besides, the hose must be examined for damage or cracks. Moreover, check faucets and water lines to make sure they aren’t leaking. Don’t forget as well to examine the machine if it’s draining properly. If not, test out the draining hose because it could be blocked with hair, lint, or any other particle. 

Does the issue persist despite doing all these? Then it’s about time to call a reliable appliance repair company. 

The Washer Dispenser is Full of Detergent

One of the most common issues with a malfunctioning automatic dispenser is using the wrong formula. So, check the washer manual to ensure you’re using the suitable detergent in designated dispensers. If the manual instructs you to use liquid bleach, then avoid using powder bleach. Also, ensure to clean the dispenser once a month. Heat a cup of white vinegar, pour it into the dispenser, and run the washer regularly. Vinegar is effective in eliminating clogs or built-up residue. 

Odd Sound When Draining or Not Draining at All 

If you experience this washing machine issue, that could mean the drain pump is blocked or faulty. A clogged drain pump happens because of the accumulation of dirt and cloth fibers. Good thing, just cleaning the drain pump and the connected hose will address the problem. Contacting a washer repair company for this task is highly recommended, as it’s necessary to dismantle the drain pump. 

Not Turning On

A sudden stop of the washing machine while in operation is a common problem that can be fixed immediately. First, check the power outlets and the fuse. It can be as simple as flicking a switch or changing the fuse. Second, give your appliance time to cool down. If you have used it a lot in a short time, it may have overheated.

Washer Door Jammed

A washing machine’s door not unlocking is also a common issue that many homeowners may have already experienced. This problem is strange to front loader washers, as they don’t function if you do not close the door firmly. Also, the washing cycle has to end before you can open it again, and it automatically unlocks when the cycle ends.

However, a front loader washer may stay on lock. Some things might be accountable for this unexpected jam, including the washer’s computer experiencing a glitch or the washer door lock being on the hook. For instance, clothes might hang in the way of the locking system.

A washing machine will not open if water is still detected in the washer, so setting it on another cycle might address the issue. Check the filter and drain to make sure they are free from any issues stopping the water from draining.

Smelly Washing Machine

Washing Machine Problems

A smelly washer occurs when the machine becomes dirty and develops molds in due course. Sometimes, this smell can also affect your clothes. As such, you should take your clothes to the laundry shop in the meantime. You will need to run an empty cycle on your washing machine to clean it. This allows the water and the cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the hollows of the appliance.

Bounces Around

Some washers vibrate to some degree. However, if you notice an unexpected increase in your machine’s vibration or it seems to be bouncing, do not panic as it is a common problem. The main reason behind this is that your washer is on an unlevel floor or the shock absorber has become disconnected from the machine’s chassis. You don’t have to call an appliance repair to fix this problem. However, if your washer ends up damaging the wall around it, then professional intervention is a must. 


Washing machines will make noise when they are in operation, which is normal. However, if you notice a sudden increase in sound, there are several possible reasons. Most often, it is because of coins accidentally placed in the washer with your clothes. 

If you don’t see any debris, it can be due to something caught in the drum. Does your washer have removal paddles? Then you can look around in the drum to check. 

The Washing Machine Won’t Spin

While your washer refusing to spin can indicate motor issues or more serious problems, it can also be an easy fix. If the washer carries a load that is too small or too big, it may not spin. So, try to adjust the load. Many modern washers will spin once they reach a specific weight.

To Sum It Up

It is almost impossible to prevent your washer from malfunctioning and showing signs of wear and tear. If the problems are mild, they simply require do-it-yourself solutions. However, some cases involve motor-related issues, making it necessary to dismantle the machine. Thus, calling a professional appliance repair company becomes inevitable. 

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