Hot or Not: The Cheapest Way to Heat a Home in TX?

Person using a smartphone to control a smart thermostat at home.

Everywhere gets a little chilly now and then. You don’t have to live in the mountains of Montanna or Vermont to experience this cold.

Even places like Texas need heating at some points during the year.

So what is the cheapest way to heat a home and how do you work out how much electricity does a space heater use?

Here is all you need to know about heating a home in Texas.

Only Heat the Rooms You Need

This might sound obvious but there is no point in installing a big central heating system and using it to heat your whole house if you don’t use all of the rooms in your house every day.

Many people have homes with multiple bedrooms for when guests come to stay or perhaps you even have a games room or a wine cellar.

Unless you are planning on using these rooms then don’t bother heating them.

Furthermore, even if you are going to use multiple rooms – such as the living room and the bedroom – turn the heating off in one room as you move into the other rather than heating both of them at the same time.

Consider New Heating Vs Improving Your Current System

Your heating might be expensive because your system is out of date and not as efficient as modern systems. You might, therefore, want to consider installing a new one.

Although this might seem like a big cost upfront, it can save money in the long run. Look at what options are available.

Also, consider having your current system upgrades or repair.

We offer maintenance services and installation services for furnaces and heating appliances.

You might even want to consider using portable heaters in each room rather than an overall central heating system.

But you first need to know how much electricity does a space heater use.

Do a cost analysis to weigh up your options using a simple spreadsheet.

Consider A Smart Meter

Smart meters can help you determine how much energy you are using and what appliance is using up the most amount of energy.

Some smart meters even allow you to control the system from your smartphone so that you can turn off your heating from afar if you forget to turn it off when you head out.

You can also turn the heating on a few minutes before you arrive home so your home is nicely heated but you don’t waste energy.

Homeowners and small business owners should consider installing them.

With the climate emergency becoming a topic of concern, reducing your energy consumption saves you money and helps save the planet.

Cheapest Way to Heat a Home in Texas? Consider What Options Are Right For You

If you are considering the cheapest way to heat a home then look at all of your options.

You can consider using portable heaters, installing a smart meter or having a whole new more efficient system installed.

Either way, you need to decide what options are best for you and what options will be the most efficient.

If you need a heating system installed or repaired be sure to contact us to see what we offer today.


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