5 Ways to Check for the Thermostat Not Working

A person adjusting a wall-mounted thermostat.

Winter is here.

That means it’s cold outside and getting colder. When the temperature outside drops, you need to do everything possible to stay warm.

This includes making sure that your thermostat works properly.

How can you tell if there’s a problem with your thermostat? Great question. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for answers.

This article takes a look at ways to know your thermostat not working.

Keep reading to discover insight into what to do when you notice that the central air not blowing properly in your home.

1. Your House Is Cold

One of the easiest ways to know there’s a problem with your thermostat is when you notice that your house is cold.

Check your thermostat, set it at the temperature you want, and wait for the furnace to kick on.

If your house remains cold, this is a sure sign of a problem with either the thermostat or your furnace.

Thus you need to call an HVAC expert immediately.

2. The Temp Never Reaches Your Thermostat Setting

Once you’ve turned on your furnace and set the temp at the thermostat, the temp in the house should gradually reach the thermostat setting.

If this doesn’t happen, you definitely have an issue somewhere within the heating system.

The best place to start troubleshooting is the thermostat. Replacing your thermostat is quick and easy, and can solve the problem at a relatively low cost.

3. Heater Never Starts

When you notice that your house is cold, set the thermostat and give the furnace a few minutes to turn on.

Most of the time the heating system should kick on almost immediately.

If this doesn’t happen, double-check the thermostat to make sure the fan is set to automatic.

After a few minutes, if the furnace hasn’t started, it’s time to start troubleshooting.

This could definitely be a sign that your thermostat needs to be replaced.

4. Air Constantly Starting and Stopping

If your heater constantly starts and stops, this is a sure sign that there’s an issue. An HVAC professional can quickly inspect your system and offer a solution.

5. Air Won’t Shut Off

Once the temp inside your home reaches the setting on the thermostat, the furnace should shut off.

If it continues to run without shutting off, there’s obviously a malfunction somewhere in the heating system.

This kind of issue could lead to a much higher energy bill than your accustomed to, thus it needs to be inspected by a pro as soon as possible.

Signs of Thermostat Not Working In Your Home

It’s important to stay warm during the winter.

The key is to make sure that every part of your heating system is functioning properly. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of your thermostat not working.

Fortunately, the tips contained in this article can help you identify a problem as soon as possible so that you can stay warm and save money on your energy bill.

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