Dryer Not Drying? 5 Reasons Your Dryer Isn’t Working Properly

Is your dryer not drying? It could be a simple clog, or something a bit more serious. Here are five reasons why your dryer isn't drying well anymore.
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Are you a laundry enthusiast or are you like most and just dread the whole process?

A load of laundry from wash to dry takes an hour and 27 minutes on average. If your laundry is taking longer than that, is it because your dryer is not drying well?

Who doesn’t love that fresh from the dryer feeling? That’s the best part of doing laundry.

If your dryer is not drying properly, it could be a simple clog, or something a bit more serious. Keep reading to learn the five reasons why your dryer may not be drying well anymore.

1. Is Your Lint Screen Clogged?

Are you wondering, “Why is my dryer not drying?” You could have a large accumulation of lint. This inhibits the circulation of air necessary to dry the clothes.

The dryer has to work harder and may take a few rounds to dry the clothes. Clear the lint screen after every load and perform semi-annual lint maintenance to keep your dryer working its best.

2. Lack of Heat

Could your dryer have a faulty heating element? Or could it be a blown thermal fuse?

The heating element may be defective and is easily replaced by a professional. The thermal fuse may have blown and can be switched out as well.

3. Vent Issues

Do you check your vent and clean it regularly? If not, it may be clogged.

Check the vent flap or hood on the outside of your home. When the dryer is running, you should be able to feel the air flowing out. If not, something is not right.

You can use a snake or straightened out clothes hanger to clean out the obstruction.

4. Problem with Gas or Electric Supply 

Electricity comes into the dryer through two 120-volt lines. If one of the lines is not working, the dryer will run and you’ll be surprised that it did not heat up and dry the clothes.

If you have a gas dryer, maybe you’re out of gas or the gas is off for some reason.

Neither of these problems is a DIY fix. Consult a professional.

5. Drum Not Spinning 

 Is your dryer starting and heating but not drying? Maybe the drum is not spinning. If this is the case, it’s probably because it has a worn belt or drum bearing.

The belt is a fairly easy fix and if you’re handy, you can handle it. The drum bearings are located in the motor. This is a fix you might want to leave to the pros.

Dryer Not Drying Clothes

Now that you know what’s the cause of your dryer not drying, do you know who can help you troubleshoot the problem?

We at On Point Service Company are here for you. We provide same-day service, have no hidden fees, service all major brands, and offer 24/7 emergency service.

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