Top 5 Air Conditioning Brands of 2020

Air conditioning isn’t always the cheapest issue in the world of any homeowner. Sometimes you just have to cave in and buy brand new appliances.

Air conditioning isn’t always the cheapest issue in the world of any homeowner. Sometimes you just have to cave in and buy brand new appliances. At some point, the repair costs are exceeding the cost of a new unit, let alone the original unit’s value.

This isn’t something people purchase often as these units tend to last 10, sometimes upwards of 15 years or more. It’s not common enough to really always know who’s who in the industry when all of a sudden you need to. Not ideal, but that’s what we’re here for.

First a quick listing of brands: Trane, Amana, Carrier, Lennox, and Rheem.

How many did you know before just now?

Remember, there are companies better suited for room A/Cs and others for central A/C. Everyone has their expertise and that works in your favor if you do a little homework first.

It’s pretty fair to say that different homes and families could need vastly different things depending on any number of factors. With that in mind, reviewed which top brands are best at what niches. If you can, check out our other article going over what factors you should consider when buying a new A/C unit.

Trane: Best for Quality
Amana: Best Value
Carrier: Best for Reliability
Lennox: Best for Efficiency
Rheem: Best Warranty

Note: SEER ratings/scores (range: 13 to 26, where 26 is not a ceiling but simply the highest rating earned to date; 13 is the minimum score allowed due to government regulations; 14.5 is the minimum score required to be “Energy Star” qualified) exposes the level of efficiency per product. A high SEER score means it’s more energy efficient and will cost you less on that next energy bill.

Note: Cost, in this article, will be labeled using the following 4-point Likert-type scale: Inexpensive, Average-Low, Average-High, Expensive

Let’s dig into each of the 5, shall we?



You may or may not be familiar with the brand Trane. You see, it’s like the Porsche or BMW of HVAC systems. Trane designs and builds certain car parts that are only for their cars and they improve the efficiency and reliability of each HVAC unit. Much like a Lamborghini, Trane has a rather distinctive look about it; if you know the sleek look then you’ll never mistake it for anything else, ever. Plus, their standard 10-year warranty makes the pricetag worth it. You know for a fact that this will be in your home for a minimum of 10 years, guaranteed.

Efficiency Rating: 14.5 to 22 SEER

Average loudness: 70 decibels

Cost: Average-High



All-American is a good description for this Michigan-based company. They insist on affordable A/C systems that are high quality and very reliable, so much so that they have a standard 10-year warranty. Can’t go wrong there.

Efficiency Rating: 14 to 24.5 SEER

 Average loudness: 59 to 71 decibels

 Cost: Average-Low



This company was founded in Florida in 1912, so they like to claim they invented “modern” air conditioning systems back in 1902. They are well known for their top-of-the-line heating, central A/C, and HVAC systems. Only those certified by Carrier can install these products.

Efficiency Rating: Up to 21 SEER

 Average loudness: 49 to 72 decibels

 Cost: Expensive



Established in 1895 with headquarters in Texas is a company focused on high-efficiency A/C systems that span most price ranges, but are focused on the more expensive side. They hold the currently highest SEER rating on the market with one A/C unit that has a 26 SEER rating. However, they only have a standard 5-year warranty.

Efficiency Rating: Up to 26 SEER

 Average loudness: 41 to 76 decibels

 Cost: Average-Low to Expensive



This company started out with and is known for high-end water heaters. HVAC systems entered their product lineup in 1970. Rheem is known for efficient and affordable A/C systems. Remember to register their products within 90 days of installation to get that 10-year warranty.

Efficiency Rating: Up to 23 SEER

 Average loudness: 55 to 72 decibels

 Cost: Average-Low

Remember: just because there’s a 10-year warranty doesn’t mean you don’t need regular maintenance. Check out our article on central A/C maintenance here.

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