Frozen Solid: What to Do If Your Fridge Is Too Cold

Is your refrigerator freezing all of your food? Here's everything you need to know about what to do if your fridge is too cold.
Empty open refrigerator with freezer on top and fridge on the bottom.

We’ve all had that moment when we’ve opened the fridge to find all of the food and drinks completely frozen.

When your fridge is too cold, then you’re routinely going to experience this. Not only does it hurt you in the short term, as you’ll have to throw out a lot of food, but if you don’t try to fix it quickly, then you’ll eventually have to replace the entire unit.

Today, we’re going o help you fix your broken fridge by telling you some of the common causes and fixes for a frozen fridge. Your refrigerator is one of the hardest working appliances in your home, so maintaining it should be a high priority. Don’t let your food get frozen solid anymore.

Why the Fridge Is Too Cold

There are a few key mechanisms that help to regulate the temperature in your fridge. If one of them fails or is prevented from doing its job, then you’re going to see undesirable temperature increases or decreases.

Air Inlet Damper/Baffle

The air inlet damper is the part of the fridge that helps to balance the airflow from the evaporator fan into the food-holding area. It should be easily adjusted by a knob to get optimal cool air to the fresh food, but if it’s broken or the link between the knob and the damper is damaged, then your refrigerator could get too cold and freeze your food.

This mechanism is housed in plastic and styrofoam, so be careful not to break it when you’re inspecting the damper. If you suspect that this is what has caused your freezing food, then you can replace the damper.

Temperature Sensor

Many refrigerators these days have electronic control boards that regulate the temperature. If one of the wires going from the control board to the sensor is damaged or disconnected, then the control board might not be getting the right temperature reading. This can cause all kinds of problems because the control board likely controls the air inlet dampers, the fans, and the compressor.

Some fridge models might have a fault code that you can use to reset the control board, but more likely, you’ll have to consult a professional to get this fixed.

Cold Control

The cold control mechanism is a switch or knob that sends signals to the compressor and fans. It’s triggered by and triggers changes in temperature, but if it’s not working properly, then it fails to communicate the correct temperature to the rest of the fridge. If you can hear the compressor working longer than it should, then unplug the fridge and inspect the cold control.

Check the wires and lightbulb for damage. If everything looks good then plug it back in and set the cold control at a median temperature. Another fall in temperature means that you’ll have to get professional help.

Call the Pros

If your fridge is too cold too often, then it’s best to call an experienced appliance repair service to get it fixed properly. At On Point, we understand the importance of acting fast when it comes to your refrigerator. Contact us today to get an estimate, a free second opinion, or schedule your repairs.


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