Stinky Air Conditioner? These Might be the 9 Reasons

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Summertime is the best time of year, right? Well, unless you’re dealing with a stinky air conditioner. If your AC unit smells bad, it can make summer unbearable. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this blog post, we will discuss the possible causes of a smelly air conditioner and how to fix them. Keep reading for more information.


Mildew Smell

A stale, mildew smell is the most common foul odor that comes out of air conditioner units. If your AC system smells dingy, the main reason is the buildup of water in the drip lines or drain pan, which can cause the formation of mildew or fungus. 

In case of a leakage, you may get visible signs in the indoor ductless unit, like water dripping down the wall. 

A dirty filter is also another reason for the mildew smell. If you reside in humid and hot weather and switch your air conditioner on after a long time, moisture can gather in the air filters. 

You will need to call a professional appliance repair company and get the AC ducts and lines cleaned thoroughly. This will eliminate the mildew odor. 

Rotten Egg Smell

A rotten or foul AC smell is usually the result of dead critters or rodents stuck inside the unit. This is a distinct odor that you can’t mistake for anything else.

Insects and birds can take refuge or nest in the ductwork and unluckily get trapped inside the AC. With time, these dying insects emit unlikable smells. When you switch on your AC, it can release a foul odor into your house. Stuck insects can also harm different parts of your air conditioner unit.

Gun Powder Smell

If your AC unit’s circuit board or fan motor shortens out, your AC system might release a burning smell that smells like gunpowder. You can solve this issue by contacting a reliable appliance repair in Waco, TX. 

Skunk Smell

A skunk odor signifies a leaking gas in the AC unit, specifically methyl mercaptan, a type of gas that smells like a skunk’s spray. Once it gets into the ductwork, it can cause a skunk odor in your home.    

This hazardous gas can put you and your loved ones at risk. Therefore, it is highly recommended to evacuate your home and call a professional air conditioning repair company to address the issue. 

Feet Smell

Usually, the smell of stinky feet or sock is observed when there’s a clogged or grimy AC unit. The odor originates from pooling water that is not draining properly. As a result, it collects and begins to emit a foul smell. Good thing, you can count on a professional AC cleaning and maintenance service provider to address the problem. 

Exhaust Fume Smell

Your air conditioner is not gas-powered, so people are frequently concerned about where this kind of smell could be originating from. However, fluids present in the engine and other components of the AC unit can leak out, which causes the exhaust stink smell. It is advisable to contact a professional appliance repair Waco, TX, to handle fluid leaks. 

Cigarette Smell

If you or someone has smoked inside, the smells could gather in the evaporator coil and air filter. So, upon switching on your AC unit, you might smell stale or dingy cigar smoke. You can solve this problem by changing the air filter regularly. Better yet, schedule a cleaning and tune-up by contacting your trusted appliance repair and maintenance company. 

Musty Smell

This is another smell that comes out of air conditioners. If your unit smells musty, the main reason is the pooling of water in the drip lines and drain pan, which eventually leads to the buildup of fungus or mildew. 

Dirty filters are also one of the reasons behind this annoying smell. Instead of doing the job yourself, you have to call a professional appliance repair company to clean the parts of your air conditioner. 

Burning Smell

Dust and grime can settle in your air conditioner after prolonged inactivity. Once you switch it on, this dust or grime can burn off and emit a foul odor. This is just short term, and there is nothing to worry about. However, if the bad smells linger and the air conditioner begins to malfunction, you should immediately switch off your AC and contact an affordable appliance repair service. 

Quick Tips on Dealing with AC Smells

If you want to deal with AC smells, then you must follow these tips: 

  • Change the AC air filters based on the instructions of the manufacturer
  • Install a purifier if the AC unit allows it.
  • Using an exhaust fan when cleaning, showering, and cooking can help eliminate the smell. This will also assist in releasing chemicals and other odors outdoors rather than allowing them to get into the vents.
  • Consider the kinds of cleaners you use in cleaning. Products with toxic smells will and can make their way into your house. 
  • Wipe down appliances and counters, vacuum, dust, and sweep regularly. It is also advisable to wash towels and lines on a regular basis to keep odor and debris from getting absorbed by your air conditioner. 
  • Schedule yearly maintenance to make sure your air conditioner is functioning at its peak. 

Final Thoughts 

Do-it-yourself AC repair can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have the experience. Always contact an expert appliance repair company to do the job. That’s because water and electrical parts don’t mix well and can result in electric shock. 

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for an AC technician and want emergency service for your AC unit. On Point Service Company has got you covered. We offer various kinds of air conditioner repair services and deal with issues such as AC not cooling, AC blowing cold air but the house is still hot, AC not blowing cold air, air conditioner not blowing cold air but running, and more. 

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