9 Shocking Reasons Your AC Unit Causes High Electric Bills

High Electric Bills

Your AC is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to high electric bills. Many people don’t realize this and continue to pay more than they have to each month because their AC unit is running inefficiently. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 shocking reasons why your AC unit causes high electric bills. We will also provide tips on how you can solve these problems and save money.


Leaking Ducts
Cool air can get away from its designated pathway due to ductwork damage that eventually leads to leakage. This issue with your air conditioning system eventually makes the system work harder to reach the preferred temperature, as it feels as though your AC isn’t working correctly. These factors are contributors to an instant increase in electricity bills. And keep in mind that leaking ducts can only be fixed by a professional appliance repair company in your area.

Damaged or Unclean AC Filter
Air conditioners regularly accumulate dander, dust, debris, and more. Let’s face it—as tidy as we might keep our homes to be, dirt will always be there and make its way into AC filters. On the other hand, the dirt, dust, and debris build up too often and in large numbers, leading to a damaged or clogged filter. Blocked air filters considerably reduce the performance of AC units and boost power consumption. Thus, cleaning or replacing AC filters regularly is vital to increase your unit’s efficiency. Fixing a damaged AC filter is one of the many air conditioner repair services offered by a reliable appliance repair company in Waco, TX. 

Outdated AC Unit
AC units usually have a duration of anywhere from ten to fifteen years before breaking down. The older the AC, the less proficient it becomes. If you have high electric bills, it might be time to buy a new air conditioner for guaranteed functionality and energy efficiency. 

Insufficient Refrigerant
If the amount of refrigerant inside the unit is insufficient, your AC will run at low performance. Inadequate refrigerant means longer and harder cooling for your space. What’s more, it’s a tell-tale sign of leaks in the unit. Allow a professional air conditioning repair company to find the leaks and repair them prior to adding up the exact amount of refrigerant in your AC unit. 

Irregular Maintenance
If your AC unit is not maintained properly, it functions inefficiently and is prone to system breakdown. The broken components cause the unit to eat more electricity than required. You can schedule a regular maintenance service to ensure that the AC unit and its parts are always in proper working condition.

Regular AC maintenance is vital to ensuring zero leaks and clean AC filters. The increase in energy bills happens if the unit is working further than its capacity as an outcome of not having a tune-up. A professional appliance repair company can assist in keeping your AC working as effectively as possible. 

High Electric Bills

Failing Parts
An AC unit is composed of many parts. If any of these parts start to malfunction, your system will work harder by trying to reach the desired temperature you set. When your cooling system is not functioning suitably, it needs to work longer. This will lead to your AC taking many hours to reach the target temperature. Falling parts are usually common in outdated air conditioners. 

Malfunctioned HVAC parts reduce the air conditioner’s efficiency and force it to run harder to obtain the preferred temperature. For example, broken condenser motors fail to eliminate the warm air inside your house. Thus, the thermostat pressures the condenser motor to function harder. Taking this issue for granted can lead to the collapse of the condenser motor, and the whole unit will stop running. 

If you notice a decrease in the effectiveness of your AC unit, then you must contact an appliance repair company in Waco, TX. They will fix the issue as well as prevent high power bills and the instant breakdown of your system. 

The Air Conditioner is On While the Windows are Open
Keeping your AC on while your windows are open can lead to a sudden increase in power bills. So, never let expensive cool air escape. Ensure the windows are closed when switching on your air conditioner unit to avoid an instant spike in your electricity bill. 

Improper Thermostat Settings
We all want a comfortable place, most especially during the summer season. However, adjusting the thermostat by only a couple of degrees can save you a considerable amount of money, anywhere from 1 to 3 percent. Instead of setting your air conditioning unit on 72 degrees, consider 75 to 78 degrees. This is the suggested setting by the Department of Energy. With appropriate thermostat settings, you will be able to save hundreds of money yearly.

Wrong AC Unit Size
The AC unit is not a one-size fits all home appliance. It needs to be correctly sized for your home and your cooling requirements. 

If the unit is huge, it will not sufficiently cool your house and use more power anytime you turn it on. If it is too small, the AC must work almost constantly to keep your home close to the desired temperature. 

To avoid this issue, ensure a reliable technician inspects your AC. He will figure out the right size of AC that suits your home. 

Final Thoughts
If you are worried about paying an excessively high electric bill, it is advisable to do some examination around your home. Check for the common causes of a sudden spike in your electricity bills and see if you are able to spot the problem. 

If you do, immediately call a professional appliance repair to schedule an appointment. They will ensure your AC runs as proficient as possible.

Is your AC not cooling? Is your air conditioner not blowing cold air but running? You can count on the expertise of On Point Service Company. Our licensed and experienced technicians specializing in appliance repair Waco, TX will fix the issue and ensure you never have to pay high electric bills again. So, book an appointment with us today! 


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