Fridge Facts: Is It Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Refrigerator?

Man using tools to repair or maintain a refrigerator.

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, and your refrigerator is crucial to keep your kitchen running. When your fridge starts shutting down, however, you should know whether to repair or replace it.

How can you tell when to replace a refrigerator instead of repairing it?

There are several signs to watch out for when your fridge starts to act up. Here are some facts about refrigerator repair versus replacement.

  • Refrigerator Repair Cost on Average
  • How Long Should My Fridge Last?
  • Signs You Should Replace Your Fridge
  • Replace a Refrigerator and Fix Your Kitchen

Refrigerator Repair Cost on Average

Fridge repair will vary in price depending on the age, make, and model of the refrigerator. It will also depend on what part of the fridge actually needs repair. Depending on where you live, the price could also change.

On average, refrigerator repair jobs can cost anywhere between $200 to $400. This is far cheaper than the average cost of a brand new fridge, which can run between $500 and over $3000! 

How Long Should My Fridge Last?

Fortunately, your refrigerator is made to last a while; your fridge should function for about 13 years, sometimes longer with good maintenance. However, it can be difficult to know exactly how old your refrigerator is without research, especially if you’ve just moved to a new home.

Signs You Should Replace Your Fridge

While it is generally cheaper to repair your fridge rather than replace it entirely, there are a few factors you should consider. For example, if your fridge is long past the 13-year mark and seems to be shutting down, it may be time to replace it. However, if you’re wondering can you replace a refrigerator, the answer is yes.

Whether or not you should repair or replace your refrigerator before then depends a great deal on the type of fridge you own. Side-by-side refrigerators have a five-year window before you should consider replacing them instead of repairing them, while top-open freezers should be replaced after three years if they experience issues. Bottom freezer refrigerators can last the longest on repairs, needing to be replaced only after seven years have passed.

Your warranty may also be a determining factor when deciding is it better to repair or replace your refrigerator. Some warranties allow you to either repair or replace your fridge for free if it starts experiencing issues; check your warranty before making any decisions with your fridge!

If your fridge has undergone a great deal of damage and you don’t want to worry about the repair costs or are worried about additional issues, later on, it’s better to replace your fridge altogether. If you aren’t sure about the full extent of your refrigerator’s problems, a fridge expert can help.

Replace a Refrigerator and Fix Your Kitchen

When deciding to replace a refrigerator, you should weigh all of your options before making a final choice. Now you’ll have the knowledge to properly make your decision!

Is your fridge experiencing issues and you don’t know what to do?

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