AC Air Not Cooling? Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your AC

AC Air Not Cooling

Are you keeping cool with your air conditioner? It’s probably the last thing on your mind right now— especially because the winter months are here. But don’t forget to check your air conditioner and make sure it’s working properly by the time that you do need it. If you want to get the most out of your AC system, here are some tips on how to keep it running at peak performance next summer.


Check that you have the correct size.

Most people don’t realize this, but the most crucial step in ensuring that you get the most value from your air conditioner is to make sure that you have the right size. If your air conditioner is rated too low for the room where it is installed, it will be forced to work harder to cool down the room—which can lead to higher energy bills and more wear and tear on your system. And, if it’s too big, then it means that you’ve spent more money buying underutilized equipment.

Based on industry standards, an air conditioner needs about 20 to 25 BTU for every square foot of space. (Farrell, 2017) Thus, a standard 144 square-foot room will need an AC unit sized at around 3,000 to 3,600 BTU. Although, you might need to buy a unit that’s rated at 5,000 BTU since most products available on the market are sized from 5,000 to 12,500 BTU. If you have a bigger space or a room that has lots of windows, then you might need to buy an air conditioner with a higher BTU rating.

If you are not sure about what to buy, then you can talk to an HVAC technician and ask for some advice on AC sizing. If you need answers now, you can also just call our technicians here at On Point Service Company at 254-709-3029. We can also help you with your other appliance repair needs.

Clean your AC regularly.

Your air conditioner’s performance can be compromised by the accumulation of dust and dirt in the unit. The more you clean your AC, the better it will perform and last for a longer time.

You can clean your system by vacuuming the coils and filters with an attachment or by using a soft brush. You can also use compressed air to remove any dirt inside the air conditioner’s components. However, if you are not handy with HVAC systems, it would be better if you just let technicians from an air conditioner repair shop do the cleaning and regular maintenance of your AC unit.

Do note that if you disregard AC cleaning and maintenance, you will eventually encounter issues like your AC not cooling or not working at all. Moreover, a dirty AC can also be a breeding ground for bacteria, which is not good news in the sweltering summer heat.

Cover your windows with insulation or curtains.

Your air conditioning unit will continuously run until it reaches the desired temperature. If your windows are not properly insulated, the temperature outside your home (or the room that you’re cooling) will have an impact on how hard your air conditioner will have to work. Thus, you should cover your windows with insulating curtains or foam board insulation to help ensure that the warm air outside your home won’t get in. You can also consider adding extra blinds or shades for added privacy and energy savings during the day.

AC Air Not Cooling

Keep the doors closed during peak hours.

As earlier explained, your air conditioner will work harder if warm air from outside keeps getting in. This means that keeping doors shut (especially during the hottest time of the day) is one of the best ways to keep your indoor air cool while using less energy. If it is not possible to keep the door closed, you can also consider installing a door fan. It’s an additional expense, but it can actually reduce your power consumption in the long run.

Take time to use the fan.

Using your fan can help your air conditioning unit capability to cool down a given space. If one portion of the room gets too cold while some other parts remain hot, you can use a fan to distribute cool air and keep it circulating so that it doesn’t get stagnant. This will help you save energy by ensuring that your air conditioner works only as hard as it needs to make areas of your home comfortable.

Use the right temperature.

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is setting the thermostat too low. To get the most out of your air conditioning unit, the temperature should be set at a comfortable level that is not too hot or cold. This will help your AC unit run more efficiently and save energy.

You can also consider using a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature.

Air conditioner repair services in Waco, TX

It takes just a few basic steps to keep your AC system running at peak efficiency. You can start by scheduling regular maintenance services to ensure that any issues are caught early. When issues are indeed found, your best bet is to have a skilled AC repairman inspect your system and make any necessary repairs.

On Point Service Company is a full-service appliance repair and maintenance company that offers expert AC repair in Waco and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced, and skilled in the latest technologies, which allows us to provide exceptional service and quality repairs. We offer air conditioner repair services for all makes and models of residential and commercial units. If you need urgent help, please don’t hesitate to call us today at 254-709-3029.


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