The Common Types of Air Conditioners for Your Home

There are several types of air conditioners you have to choose from for your house. You can learn more about your options by clicking here.
Two residential central air conditioning units outside a home.

Summer in Texas isn’t for the faint of heart, and this year is shaping up to be a hot one. If you don’t have air conditioning or haven’t updated your home AC system in a while, now’s the time to jump on it.

As you start looking to set your home up with a top-notch air conditioner, it’s vital to know the main options. Take a look at these key types of air conditioners.

  • Basic Window AC Units
  • Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Portable AC
  • 4Ductless Split Systems
  • We Install and Maintain All Types of Air Conditioners

Basic Window AC Units

Window AC units are perhaps the most common kind of air conditioning out there. They’re affordable, easy to find, and you can move them from place to place. This makes them a favorite among people on the move, such as renters and college students.

The main downsides of window AC units are that most lack an effective way to filter the air and that you need one for each room you want to cool.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central AC, also known as “central air,” isn’t portable and costs much more upfront. For larger homes, though, investing in one is the way to go.

The cooling compressor contains a refrigerating coil that cools the air. Then, a fan blows the cooled air into the house. Homes with forced-air heating have the ducts needed to distribute air from a central AC system.

Central AC is the best air conditioning for people with allergies due to the ease of filtering the entire home’s air.

Portable AC

Window air conditioners are portable, but the units known as a “portable AC” stand on the floor. They tend to have wheels and expel hot air through an exhaust hose.

The main thing to keep in mind is that water collects in a tank at the bottom of a floor unit. Some rental homes don’t allow floor AC units due to the risk of spills and leaks.

That possibility is an important consideration for homeowners as well. If you have kids, pets, or raucous guests who might knock the AC unit over, opt for a different model to save your flooring and your money.

4Ductless Split Systems

Ductless split system air conditioning is among the most customizable varieties. It’s called a split system because there’s an outdoor condenser unit and one or more compact blower or evaporative units mounted on the walls inside, connected by conduits. The indoor units cool specific “zones” that may be one room or a few.

One of the best features of ductless systems is that you get to choose where you place units, and you don’t need a window in each room that gets one. Each unit has a filter and thermostat for further customization. The downside of this ultra-custom AC option is that buying and installing multiple units with separate thermostats is expensive—sometimes more than central AC.

We Install and Maintain All Types of Air Conditioners

Now that you know these common types of air conditioners, you have a better idea of what your household needs to stay comfortable in the heat. When you’re ready to install a new air conditioning unit or maintain your home AC system, On Point Service Company is ready to help.

We serve customers in Waco, Temple, and Killeen, Texas. Get in touch with us today to stay cool this summer.


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