The 9 Common Myths About Air Conditioning Units Busted

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Do you live in Texas? Then you surely know how hot the summer can get in the state, just like in other parts of the US, with highs usually in the upper 90s and triple digits. So, a properly working air conditioner is a necessity. However, you can only ensure your unit’s optimal performance by knowing how to maintain and care for it. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of the myths about AC units and the truth behind them.


Myth 1: Turn Down the Temperature of Your AC for Quick Cooling

Many believe that simply turning down the temperature will cool the room quickly. We usually turn on the power and set the thermostat to 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit, anticipating that the cooling will begin immediately. It’s important to note that the airflow in most AC units cools to a pre-set temperature. If the system is switched on, it takes a few minutes before it reaches your set or desired temperature.

Myth 2: Lack of Service or Maintenance Doesn’t Affect the AC System’s Efficiency 

This is another common myth that many homeowners believe. Because the AC works, it does not mean it will have the same optimal performance through the years without maintenance. Skipping regular maintenance can result in many problems that can slowly affect your unit’s efficiency.

Appliance repair companies employ well-trained technicians to screen and spot AC issues before they become major ones. Hence, calling professionals for help is vital as soon as you notice something is off with your system. It is highly recommended to get your air conditioner serviced at least once every season, if possible, at the start of summer.

Myth 3: You Can Install Outdoor Units Anywhere

Believe it or not, location is a big deal when it comes to AC installation. So, careful consideration is required to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning system is not affected.

If your AC’s outdoor unit is set up at the wrong spot, it could malfunction or worse, start a fire. The sunlight can also cause problems in the long run. It is suggested to put the unit in the shade to minimize overheating, allowing it to work more efficiently and effectively. It is vital to entrust the installation job to professionals, as they know the best place to set up the outdoor unit.

Myth 4: Regular Home Cleaning Prevents Constant AC Filter Replacement

Cleaning or changing the air filter of your air conditioner at gradual intervals is vital for consistent cooling performance. Where you live and how you use your AC system define how frequently you need to clean or change the air filters. Cleaning or replacing a blocked air filter can help reduce your unit’s energy consumption. Regular cleaning can also boost its performance and efficiency significantly.

Myth 5: Buying the Right AC System Can Help You Save on Electric Bills

An energy-efficient AC system can greatly help you save a considerable amount on electricity bills. However, it is not the sole consideration when aiming to reduce power consumption.  

Picking the right size is also vital. Setting up a bigger unit would increase your energy consumption, while a smaller one would give insufficient cooling. To determine the appropriate AC size that would work best for your home or office, consulting an expert appliance repair company is imperative.

Myth 6: Spending Too Much Time in an Air-Conditioned Room Can Make You Sick

Many people tend to believe that if they spend many hours in an air-conditioned room, they will likely get sick due to the cold or chilly temperatures. This is not entirely accurate. While it is not advisable to keep yourself exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period, doing so won’t make you sick. Yet, it can predispose you to discomfort, especially if there’s a buildup of mold and dust in the air vents. This can exacerbate your allergic symptoms, which can simply be prevented by cleaning the air filters and vents on a regular basis.

Myth 7: You Must Only Use Your Air Conditioner During Summer 

Many believe the AC is only intended to be used during the scorching summer months. This is not true. Many modern and state-of-the-art air conditioning units come with modes and features for different seasons, such as cold, hot, and dry (monsoon mode eliminates too much humidity in your living space). It is also worth noting that other AC units can cool you down and double up as heaters, making them ideal for use in winter.

Myth 8: Fans Keep Your Room Cooler

Fans don’t affect the temperature of the air that your AC blows. They only move air in your room. But, fans create a wild chill effect, so they are a superb solution for the scorching months. Yet, keep in mind that they are intended to cool you down, not rooms. 

Here is a tip if you don’t have a central air conditioner: create a crosswind. This is a refreshing and cooling one-two punch, as you will get the warm air out while pulling the cold air in.

Myth 9: Your AC Won’t Work as Much If You Keep Your Electric Fan Switched On

Electric fans don’t increase the effectiveness of your AC. They don’t cool the air and only circulate the air already inside the room.

Using an electric fan with your air conditioner may let you switch the thermostat up slightly. This helps you save money. A central air conditioning system operates about three kilowatts and will cost you 36 cents an hour. Meanwhile, an electric fan running 30 watts can only cost you one cent an hour. Both can work together to optimize your savings without compromising your comfort. 


Myths concerning air conditioners have been around for years. And if you are naïve, they can take a toll on your comfort, safety, and budget. Misinformation is the foe of a good decision. Therefore, it is vital to talk to your trusted AC repair company. They will give you professional counsel for any queries or concerns you may have regarding your unit.

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