The 7 Possible Causes Reasons Behind a Refrigerator Leaking Water

Refrigerator Leaking Water


Summary: Are you wondering why your refrigerator is leaking? It is a common yet annoying issue, as it can ruin your food, make the base of the appliance and the shelves sticky, and is unhygienic. There are reasons your fridge leaks. While the problem can be as simple as the tilt of the appliance, the cause can be more serious than you expected. Here are the seven possible culprits behind this problem.

Leaking Water Filter 

If you own a fridge with a water filter, this may be the primary source of leaking. The connection to the filter may be loose. Someone may have installed a minimal filter, or the water filter is cracked and old; therefore, requiring replacement. The good news is that filter replacement is easy, and you can do it on your own. But, if you don’t know anything about troubleshooting, that is where the expertise of On Point Service Company comes in handy.  

We will pinpoint the primary source of the leak, since there may be more than one leak. Then, we’ll replace the filter, if needed.  

Blocked Defrost Drain 

The defrost drain is one of the essential parts of a refrigerator. The job of this component is to collect condensation from the freezer lines. Water in the defrost pan must evaporate between the fridge’s regular, automatic defrost cycles. That is how it should function. 

However, once the defrost drain is blocked, the water will go back into the freezer and to the other fridge parts. Eventually, it will gather on the floor. In this case, food particles might be blocking the drain. So, flush them with boiling water and clean them up with a brush. 

Cracked Refrigerator Drain Pan

Water from the defrost drain clears or pours out into the defrost pan at the base of the refrigerator. Usually, this water evaporates prior to spilling over. Once the pan is split or cracked, water will seep into the ground before it disperses. And from the ground, it will keep on evaporating. 

A small seep might go unseen for years. But, even a tiny leak can pose a safety risk and damage the kitchen floor. Google ‘refrigerator repair near me’ if you need any help with checking or replacing the drain pan. 

Improper Tilting 

While many home appliances must be level with the floor, your fridge is not one of them. It must have a slight backward tilt to ensure the coolant works, and the door closes properly. If you have moved your refrigerator or finished a kitchen floor renewal, it may need to be angled correctly. 

To check, put a level atop your refrigerator, vertical to its doors. If the bubble does not move to the left, that indicates your refrigerator is not properly positioned. 

Loose Ice Maker Connections 

Modern fridges are equipped with ice makers. They are very convenient, and you can get ice with just a press of a button. However, that convenience can become extremely inconvenient when it causes a water seep. An ice maker is connected to water lines. These components and the connectors can wear or crack with age. So, check the connectors and water lines of the ice makers to know if they are in good condition. 

Refrigerator Leaking Water

Frozen Water Supply Line

Another issue that causes refrigerator leaks is a frozen water supply. The water line running in the ice makers or water dispensers might be frozen or blocked. Different factors can cause this problem, which include improper freezer temperature and door gaskets not working at all.

Pipeline Failure

Water seeps at the back of the fridge are generally associated with a pipe failure or water valve linked to operating an ice maker or water dispenser. Usually, this is a job for a skilled technician; however, you can help him save time by locating the exact location where the seep is coming from.

To eliminate the danger of electrical shock, pull the refrigerator away from the wall and remove it from the plug. Check the water line from the wall to your appliance. Is it damp at joints, or is water flowing down the pipe? You also need to examine the waterline at the base of the appliance that connects to the rear of the freezer. Is there water on the ground? Is it dropping from the connection point? If you notice holes or leaks near the pipes or water valves, it is best to call a service professional to fix the problem. If the water pipeline is replaced, it is also advisable to change the filter. 

Door Seal Failure

A seep may not cause a puddle underneath the fridge, but excess condensation can prevent the door from sealing properly. Once the rubber door seal is compromised, your fridge will run constantly and lead to condensation buildup on the coils. In due course, this can cause the water to seep from the refrigerator onto the ground.

You can solve this issue by washing and cleaning the gaskets with soapy, warm water to eliminate dirt and sticky residue build-up. It would also help to ensure that the refrigerator is leaning backward. If your appliance is leaning forward, the door might not seal properly. You have to check the bolt that holds the fridge door and ensure it is tight and holds the door in place. Worn or torn door seals must also be replaced.

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