Saving Money While Staying Warm: How to Save Money on Heating Bills This Winter

You don't have to freeze in order to save money on your heating bills this winter! Learn how to save money on heating bills without compromising warmth.
A pug wrapped in a blanket, looking forlorn on a bed.

Opening your first heating bill of the winter can send chills crawling over your skin. Before you even tear open the envelope, your body is frozen with fear, anticipating the large number you may see.

Is there a way to prevent the icy sting of paying too much, month after month, this frigid winter? Of course, there is. Learn how to save money on heating bills without compromising warmth with these tips.  

Tips on How to Save Money on Heating 

With a plan in place and a little creativity, you don’t have to freeze in order to save money on your heating bills this winter. We’ve put together some cool tips that will keep you toasty and happy with your energy savings. 

Dressing for the Season

The quickest and cheapest way to stay snug during the winter months is to put on some warm clothes. It may be more comfortable to lounge around in a tank top and gym shorts, but layering up with clothes you already own will allow you to keep the thermostat at a lower temperature and the space heater running to a minimum.  

Bust out some of your extra blankets in your linen closet as well. Bundling up on the couch or using extra blankets in your bedroom can go a long way with your goals of saving money while staying warm. 

Service Your Furnace 

The older your furnace, the less efficient it becomes. Regular service of your heating system can help the performance and prolong the lifespan, which is typically 16-20 years. If you are within that term and notice your heating bills increasing each year, have a professional take a look. A simple tune-up can help keep you warmer for less. 

Seal Your Doors and Windows 

The space around doors and windows can let cold, winter air seep into your home and keep that chill in the air. Make sure your doors are closed firmly and have proper weather stripping to form a tight seal

Locking your windows helps form a seal, but weather stripping can also help with a draft. If weather stripping isn’t an option, you can always cover the windows with plastic for the season or buy insulating shades. 

Also, if you have a chimney, be certain to close the damper when you aren’t using the fireplace, to eliminate other passageways for air to enter your home. 

Turn Down the Heat 

This method goes hand-in-hand with layering your clothing, but it doesn’t mean you have to freeze. Lowering your heat when you leave the house or turning the thermostat down when you go to bed are crucial ways to trim money off your bill. By turning down your heat by 7 degrees while you sleep you can save up to 10%. 

Use Humidifiers 

Keeping moisture in the air is essential to maintaining heat for longer. Humidifiers are not only good for retaining heat, but they can help with sinus, nose, and allergy issues. A quality humidifier can cost money upfront, but the energy savings allow it to pay for itself in the long run.  

You’re Getting Warmer… Warmer… 

…hot! Following these tips can help you stay warm and save money this winter. Still, looking for more ways on how to save money on heating bills? Read our blog for a wealth of knowledge on heating, cooling, and appliances.


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