How Do Air Conditioning Repair Services Company Quote Clients?

Air Conditioning Repair Services

When you hire the assistance of an air conditioning repair services company, they usually assess the damage and give you an estimate of how much it will cost. However, some quotes can be quite puzzling to the average consumer, especially if they aren’t familiar with the items listed. 

So, how do you know their quotes are accurate and whether they charge a fair amount for their service? This post will explain how AC repair services companies come up with the amount they charge you and how you can protect yourself from overcharging contractors. 


Factors That Affect the Air Conditioning Repair Quote

Getting a quote from an AC repair company allows you to weigh whether their services fit your budget. Furthermore, you also get valuable data and information that you can use when the AC unit needs to be fixed again in the future. 

Below are some of the factors that most companies consider when giving their clients a quote:  

  1. The Type of AC Unit 

Some air conditioning units are more expensive to repair because of their complexity and size. Repairing a ductless mini-split AC is pricier than a portable AC. If you are using SMART air conditioning, they also cost more to fix than units that don’t have this technology. 

Furthermore, your contractor may charge you extra for repairing a high-end unit or an AC from a well-known brand. Samsung, York, and Armstrong are some of the premier brands of AC in the U.S. Meanwhile, Bryant and American Standard are considered value brands and are cheaper to repair.     

  1. Diagnostic Cost

An air conditioning company usually sends a technician to check and diagnose your AC problem. The fee usually varies from one company to another. The fee may also change depending on the time spent checking the AC, the diagnostic tools used, and the distance from their location to yours. 

Other factors, such as the difficulty of accessing the AC, its type, and the system’s complexity, also determine the cost. Commercial equipment is often more expensive than residential units. Meanwhile, some companies waive this cost altogether.

  1. The Extent of the Damage

Several things can go wrong with your air conditioning system, from a broken fan motor to a faulty blower motor.  Moreover, the part that has been damaged and whether they need replacement affects the AC repair estimate. 

The three most expensive AC problems to repair are air duct issues, refrigerant leaks, and a faulty compressor. In contrast, the cheapest parts to repair include the thermostat, capacitor, and blower. 

  1. Labor Cost

The damage to your AC determines the amount of time needed to complete the repair. Additionally, the hourly rates of the technician and whether he will need extra manpower for the job also affects the labor cost. 

Aside from the standard hourly rate during regular hours, a licensed HVAC technician will charge you extra for emergency repairs during the night or a holiday. If the technician requires additional equipment to access the AC unit, it will also be reflected on the bill. 

  1. AC Setup and Accessibility 

The cost of repairing an AC system varies depending on how it is designed and placed in the structure.

For instance, if the unit is self-contained and easy to access, the AC service company will charge you a standard rate. 

However, if the technician needs to get components tucked away in a crawl space or hidden behind walls, they can charge you extra because it requires extra work to get the job done. 

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Is the Quote Usually the Final Cost of the Repair?

A quote is a rough estimate of how much the company will charge for its service. The company or technician bases their estimates on past projects and similar experiences. However, it’s often close to the final cost when they give you the bill.

Most air conditioning repair companies give their clients a quote so the latter can know how much they will spend on the project. 

If your heating and AC repair requirements are large, you might need to get as much pricing from various companies. Doing so will give you a better idea of a fair price for the project and filter out charges you might deem unnecessary. 

Things to Look for in an AC Repair Services Company

The company with the lowest quote is often tempting to hire, especially if you want to save money. However, it should not be the sole factor that you should consider when hiring the services of an AC repair company. 

Below are some of the qualities of a reliable AC repair company:

  1. Solid Customer Reviews

Check the company’s online reviews and see what their previous customers say about their service. If you know someone who also got their AC repaired recently, ask them if they have a company they recommend. 

  1. Certified Technicians

HVAC repair is quite complex and costly to leave to someone who doesn’t have ample experience in the field. Hence, hire only an AC repair company whose technicians have U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certificates.  

  1. Credible Warranty

When an AC repair company puts a warranty on their service, you know that they take their work seriously. Always ask them what services the warranty covers, how to redeem it, and if they fix any mistakes for free. 

  1. Proper Business Insurance

Hire an AC repair company with the proper business insurance if you don’t want to deal with property damage or injuries during the repair. The insurance usually covers the costs of the incident, which frees you from any financial liabilities. 

  1. Excellent Communication

As a customer, you want to know more about the details of the AC repair work, such as the timeframe it will be fixed. Hence, hiring a company that can communicate well and answers most of your questions about the repair project is essential.


Not all air conditioning repair service companies are equal, and you can tell a lot about them by how much they quote their clients. Hence, exploring a few AC repair companies and getting their quotes is always a good idea before deciding which one to hire. 

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