Do You Need AC Unit Repair or Replacement?

Did your AC unit stop working? You're probably wondering if you need AC unit repair or replacement. Here's what we recommend and signs to look for.

What key signs do you look for to decide if you should discard your old air conditioner? If you’re aware of the issues affecting your unit, you will have an easier time deciding what to do. However, a situation with your air conditioner can develop, and you will need assistance from friendly technicians.

If you’re trying to save money, there are things you can look for to determine if you need an ac unit repair or replacement. 

Let’s take a look at how you can own an air conditioner that fits your needs.

An Aged Unit Does Not Need an AC Unit Repair

Is your old AC problematic? Figuring out when to discard your air conditioner can be challenging. There are important factors for you to weigh in before you make a decision. 

The age of your unit is a good place to start.

The lifespan of most air conditioning units is about 10 to 15 years. Find out the age of your unit when you’re deciding if you should make a repair or replacement. In most cases, professionals recommend a replacement if your old air conditioner is more than ten years old.

Repairing an aged unit is costly, and it also causes inconvenience. Furthermore, your old AC could be unsafe if it’s leaking. Make sure you check for carbon monoxide leaks.

If this is your situation, you will need to replace your AC.

Check the Efficiency of Your AC

Do you have an inefficient 20-year-old air conditioning unit? If your aged unit does not cool your home properly and your utility bill is ridiculously high, it should be replaced. A brand new unit is more efficient and saves you money on energy costs. 

To get assurance that your unit will have fewer malfunctions, purchase a new, efficient model that keeps your home comfortable during the summer months.

Repair Costs

How often is your air conditioner repaired? AC units are eventually affected by normal wear and tear. However, this does not mean you should keep paying more money to fix your unit.

You could be contacting technicians every month to make repairs on your AC. Pay attention to the frequency of the repairs and the money you have to pay each time to keep your unit running. If your repair costs exceed 50 percent of the cost of an AC replacement, you should think about throwing out your old unit. 

Buying a new air conditioner is a significant investment, but it also prevents stress and hassles. When you don’t want to bother with an old, problematic unit, a replacement is the best solution. This is a practical step that helps you to avoid overspending. 

Increase the Comfort of Your Home With a Quality AC Unit

As a homeowner, you have to make tough decisions when to replace the appliances in your home. You want assurance you’re not overspending and making smart choices.

You could get assistance for your residential or commercial property. To learn if you need an ac unit repair, visit our site for more information.


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