5 Essential Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

A fully functioning air conditioner is essential to keeping your home comfortable. Check out these 5 important summer air conditioner maintenance tips.

Is your AC ready for summer?

For many during the heat of the summer, your AC unit is vital for keeping your home comfortable. Especially during those long, hot, humid summer nights. But if you’re not maintaining your AC right, it might not be able to handle to extra strain summers puts on it.

Read on for these summer air conditioner maintenance tips to keep your unit running as it should.

  • Change or Clean Your Air Filters
  • Give Your Condenser Coils a Clean
  • Clean Out Any Air Ducts
  • Keep Vents Clear
  • Get a Tune-Up
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance Made Easy

1. Change or Clean Your Air Filters

If you’ve not changed or cleaned your AC air filter, now is the time to start. How often you need to this will depend on your unit and your circumstances.

Pet owners or people who live in high pollen or pollution areas need to do this task more often. As often as every 3 weeks, in fact. If none of those things affect you and you don’t use your AC much, you can go longer.

You should keep your filters clean though as it protects your HVAC system from debris and dust. It’ll prevent damage, and improve the quality of your indoor air.

2. Give Your Condenser Coils a Clean

A dirty condenser coil makes it harder for your AC unit to transfer heat outside of your home. In turn, this reduces the efficiency of your unit in heating and cooling your home.

Before you clean the condenser coils, make sure to turn off all the power to your condenser. Then spray the coils with fresh, clean water to remove the debris and dirt build-up.

3. Clean Out Any Air Ducts

One thing we can guarantee is an emergency AC repair in the peak of summer is going to cost you. In most cases, it’s completely avoidable with good AC maintenance.

Your ductwork can also suffer from dirt build-up. If there’s too much dirt and debris inside them, they’ll get clogged which reduces airflow for your unit.

It’s best to call in a professional, local HVAC company to clean your ducts for you. They’ll usually do this as part of a full HVAC service, to give your unit a thorough check.

4. Keep Vents Clear

To get the most effective cooling from your air conditioner, make sure vents are clear. Remove any heavy furniture or other items blocking them as this restricts the airflow.

When you block a vent, you’re also putting more strain on your AC unit. It’s going to strain to keep your home at the right temperature, making it work harder. This will cause more wear and tear and could cause it to break down.

5. Get a Tune-Up

Have the wiring and electrics for your AC unit checked. Connector ends can degrade, and exposure to heat will wear down wiring. If you notice any scorching on wires, call an air conditioner repair company right away.

It’s also important to make sure your AC unit has the right refrigerant levels. This is what it uses to cool the air in your home. As you use your air conditioner, over time, the refrigerant levels will decrease. As part of a maintenance check-up, a technician will make sure you have the right levels and there aren’t any leaks.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Made Easy

So, there you have it! These 5 air conditioner maintenance tips will keep you comfortable this summer.

Make sure that you look after your AC unit so that it can keep looking after you. Keep filters clean, the outdoor unit and vents clear and if you spot anything that’s not right, call for help. You’ll be in safe hands with a great, local HVAC technician.

If you need maintenance service on your AC contact us today. At On Point Service Company, we’re here to help you with all your heating and cooling needs.


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